No, as we are operating on a private clinic basis, no NHS referral is required, but it will be very useful to understand your journey within the NHS system for your condition.  

Yes, we can, especially with the delays now caused by the pandemic to accessing NHS treatment, we look to assess how we can help you and due to our NHS training we are aware of what is safe and not safe to consider when undiagnosed but it is strongly recommended that you also seek medical opinion from a suitable doctor or consultant. 

No, we treat all of UK, EU and anywhere in the world. Zoom video consultations (as used now by the NHS) have allowed us to treat anyone anywhere.

There is no such thing as typical, as all of our patients are unique. However to help potential patients understand likely or potential costs please see our page on treatment costs [LINK] . 

The biggest difference is time, you can access treatment with us in a matter of days or weeks, where as the NHS now faces months if not years of waiting lists. Our treatments are essentially identical, but we offer the ability to access hypnotherapy with balance rehabilitation by trained audiologists, available via the NHS only in very limited areas. We can also offer a more bespoke and involved treatment time with you and get to know you and hopefully how to best help you.

No, we are a private clinic and can only accept patients who can pay for their treatment.

No, few insurance policies provide any kind of cover for hypnotherapy or NLP and mindset coaching treatment and have unrealistic limitations on rehabilitation treatments therefore we have chosen to not be registered providers to the insurance companies.

That is the most frequent question we are asked by everyone. The answer is that we assess your health treatment needs on day one and determine if we can help you, if we can’t help you or if we believe other agencies or treatments could be of more use. We specialise in what we do and do not seek to work outside of our skills and knowledge, but we will always try and help you, even if we are unable to treat you ourselves.