Bespoke Vestibular Rehabilitation. It is essential to treat imbalance arising from a vestibular (inner ear) issue with a customised approach. Everyone develops their own coping strategies when imbalance occurs and these strategies may or may not be helpful! Customised vestibular rehabilitation exercise programs are designed for home practise according to the difficulties and needs of each client. The program is designed around you, your symptoms and your capabilities. We take a “progressive” approach, moving from basic to intermediate and advanced exercises – perfectly matching your own progress and speed of recovery.



Typical outcomes range from a complete recovery of main balance function and the normal mobility associated with this, to relative improvements, with incremental gains achieved over a sustained period of treatment and exercise. Vestibular Rehabilitation is adopted and used world wide because it works and is effective for many balance conditions. Contact us now to book your first consultation and discover what Vestibular Rehabilitation can do for you.

What to expect with Rehab

Firstly it is important to discuss when your imbalance first started, what you experienced then and how things have progressed through to the current time. We can examine exactly what it is that you are feeling and identify the causes and triggers to your symptoms. Sharing any information you have regarding any testing or advise you have been given previously elsewhere is also helpful.

With the help of all of this information combined we can establish all the threads involved in your symptoms and commence on suitable exercises that are performed by you at home. Whilst the exercises may initially cause some feelings of imbalance or dizziness they are designed to gently stimulate yor balance and begin its retuning process effectively and with consideration of your abilities and needs.


We will teach you the techniques needed for you to understand and treat your symptoms that help not only now but potentially for future use too. Appointments can be in person, online or via telephone. You can see me explain one of the basic vestibular rehabilitation exercises in my video on YouTube – please see below