As all good clinics should tell you, don’t take our word for it, listen to what our patients have to say about us, our treatments and their outcomes. 

I have found Michaela to be extremely professional

I have found Michaela to be extremely professional while also sympathetic to the impact of having a balance issue. I felt in safe hands both for the testing to confirm my BPPV and also undergoing the procedure to resolve it. I have since recommended her to a friend and would recommend her vestibular services to anyone who would like to improve/resolve their vsetibular issue


The Epley Queen!

I have a long-standing balance disorder and have received many treatments from Michaela including vestibular rehabilitation and multiple Epley manoeuvres. Her empathetic professional approach has been invaluable to me throughout and she has treated me only with genuine care and concern. She listens with an understanding and supportive manner in what has proved to be a complex diagnosis for me. Her additional skills related to mind coaching are evident throughout the treatments where she is able to speak with a quiet but assertive confidence to reassure and calm. I feel safe in her hands and frequently call her “The Epley Queen!” I am more than happy to recommend her considerable level of skill and expertise


Knew what to do about them to get me well

Having perforated my ear drum 18 months ago I was experiencing ongoing episodes of vertigo, which resulted in ongoing balance issues and migraine like symptoms affecting my eyes and brain function. This has had a considerable effect on my quality of life both personally and professionally, having to take an extended period of time off work. Having consulted various professionals with limited success, Michaela was recommended to me and thankfully has taken me out of what I felt was an increasingly hopeless situation and given me some very insightful, clear and structured advise about the best course of action moving forward to ensure recovery. She has reassured me that vestibular issues are not straight forward, in fact they are multifaceted and complex and so a multifaceted approach to recovery is required. It is amazing to talk to someone who finally linked all my symptoms together, recognised them, understood them and most importantly knew what to do about them to get me well. Thank you so much