The Epley manoeuvre is a repositioning manoeuvre for clients experiencing Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. It is sometimes referred to as “the crystals in your ears being loose”! This often causes dizziness in certain head positions such as turning over in bed, looking up/down or leaning the head back (for example in the dentists chair or at the hairdressers), and can range in severity from an occasional problem to a daily and significantly disruptive condition. Also the dizziness can vary from a few seconds to long periods of discomfort. Our trained and qualified staff practice the Epley manoeuvre in a safe and comfortable environment, gently easing you through the treatment safely whilst reducing any anxiety.


Whilst not guaranteed to work for all patients, this treatment has a very high rate of success and can deliver instant results, allowing almost normal movement and freedom of life that you enjoyed before BPPV.

What to expect with Rehab

The Epley manouvre involves lying on the couch and turning in to very specific positions in order to return the loose crystals (known medically as ‘The Otoliths’) back to their correct position. This is a simple and painfree treatment! You can see how this is done in my youtube video below