What is the difference between NHS and Private clinic treatment ?

The main difference is time. The NHS limited resources means that balance disorder patients face waiting times of many months if not years to access treatment. We also can invest more time and consideration of your symptoms, issues and your best treatments, as we do not have to adopt what is generally seen sadly as a NHS “conveyor belt process”.

Otherwise we use the same excellent best practice, the same cutting edge treatment knowledge and the same passionate care to make people better.

Is it ethical to use private healthcare when we have the NHS in the UK?

This is essentially down to subjective opinion and involves politics, taxation and views on what is acceptable or not. We tend to take a more practical approach and have the benefit of working both in and outside the NHS system to give this context. Whilst most countries outside of the UK operate only “pay for treatment” models, we totally support the NHS and its principles of Access for all and free at the point of delivery.

Unfortunately we also witness the suffering and devastation caused to many lives when treatment cannot be accessed fast enough due to insufficient resources. We believe that offering private medicine alternatives for those who can and want to pay actually reduces waiting times for others on the NHS systems – who cannot afford to pay. This is a win win for all.