The Balance Lady is unique in their offering. NHS trained and qualified Audiologists, with additional qualified Hypnotherapy sessions and mindset coaching. Why this revolutionary approach ? With 20 years experience in helping patients with a variety of vestibular issues including BPPV and Vestibular imbalance with bespoke vestibular rehabilitation we know how difficult balance issues make everyday life and can help treat not only the physical imbalance but also address the impact it has on emotional well being. Anxiety and stress are often overlooked factors influencing the many aspects of our life, especially so when we have a health issue such as imbalance. We provide a friendly, relaxed and reassuring environment in which to explore and discover the issues causing difficulties experienced and assist with dealing with them in the best way for you.


Hypnotherapy can assist to access your deepest emotional responses and triggers and enable us to explore ways to help you cope with or neutralise harmful and negative thoughts. The same treatment works on most phobias and anxiety issues, whether balance disorder related or not. But this unique Balance lady approach of treating both physical and mind symptoms of balance conditions can lead to significant improvements in our patients quality of life and turn a dark worrying restricted world back into a world of light, activity and happiness once more.

What to expect with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is often a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is not the same as hypnotherapy portrayed in films or entertainment programs and you maintain all self control and awareness throughout and do not need to share anything you do not wish to, anything you do share will remain confidential just as anything discussed in any other medical appointment is. Sessions are either be face to face in person or online and are carried out with you sitting comfortably in a chair.


We will talk you through a relaxation process of the body and the mind so we are then able to begin work with your subconscious mind using feelings and imagery to assist in identifying triggers or emotional connections that are no longer beneficial and to improve understanding, find more beneficial connections where necessary and aid reduction of heightened emotion responses to events or experiences. It is not unusual to discover that the underlying issue in the subconscious mind is not in fact issue that the logical conscious mind has been attempting to address! The ripple effect of this can be stunning.